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Disney princesses go bad


In the dark alleys of Stockholm, Sweden, you could run into a Disney Princess. But if you do, you should be afraid.

An annonymous Swedish artist by the name of Herr Nilsson has portrayed classic cartoon princesses as gun and knife-wielding robbers on the street.

Herr Nilsson says, “There is a lot of creativity in the toy and entertainment industry for children. But I’ve found that most of the cartoon characters, females in particular, are very stereotypical and predictable. Everybody expects that a fairy princess will always look good and behave well. If I was one of them I would revolt after a couple of days and in my world — they do so.’

Each piece of work takes Herr Nilsson a few hours each week to complete so he spends most of his time thinking about new ideas for different characters. The artist says, “Because of my children I’m surrounded by toys, games and movies all the time at the moment. The characters in these are always so innocent, fair and harmless, and so I set about to create this project of the Dark Disney characters to look at how we see good and bad in the world.”