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Artist doodles famous dyslexics


Vince Low, is an artist and illustrator from Kuala Lumpur. He created a series of doodle portraits ­— Faces — as as head illustrator at advertising agency Grey, of famous personalities

with dyslexia to create awareness for the disorder. The original campaign featured Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein and John Lennon. A dyslexic himself, the campaign struck home with Vince who decided to use the scribbled style for a personal project featuring other famous faces.

Vince explains, “It all started with an advertising campaign for the Dyslexia Association of Malaysia. In Malaysia, most people are not aware of dyslexia at all. In fact, through our campaign, we found out that many parents actually think that their dyslexic children are retarded or mentally disabled. This year, we came out with a second phase to address the issue, using well-known celebrities who were dyslexics to illustrate that dyslexia is not a curse, but a gift. The fact that I am a dyslexic made the message stronger. It proved that anyone with dyslexia could be successful as well.”

Courtesy: DNA After Hrs