ITS FOR YOU is a Bollywood database that is available online for all those who need their information at a glance.

As the name suggests, ITS ME is all about creative individuals. It contains portfolios of actors and aspirants.



About Us

Welcome to “Its Cinema”. A portal that provides all the information you need on the Media & Entertainment sector.

Our mission is to reach audiences far and wide, who are either related to the media industry or those who want to know how it works. We aim to become the largest bank of information & database of Bollywood & the entire entertainment industry in India.

“Its Cinema” is one of the few sources to focus exclusively on the technical as well as creative aspects of film making. We feature the interviews of successful and legendary technicians to support the upcoming talents. We also provide information on the latest trends and technology in the industry as well as analysis of the technical side of film making.

To provide a broad choice of articles, technical information, solutions for new comers and online database of Bollywood, Media & Entertainment Industry, is another vision of “Its Cinema”.

“Its Cinema” is a leading online destination for Technicians, Artists, New talents, Designers, Service providers and many more.

Mission Statement

Underpinning these aims are our values which are deeply embedded in our company culture.

  • Passion & Expertise
Through our deep consumer insights, we know our audiences, their interests and their passion
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